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Our company is located west of Karpathos, in the traditional village of Lefkos. Ahead there lie some of the most picturesque sea shores of the island, where one can relish a really fascinating sunset.  Seven kilometres northerly you can visit Mesohori and the church of Panagia Brusiani (Saint Mary’s).Underneath the building there are natural water springs. Here the nature lovers have infinite occasions for activities like fishing or strolling. 
You can even visit the Roman fountain , the Byzantine church of Saint George , as well as other ruins of ancient civilizations . It is worth attending local demonstrations, fairs, or perhaps if you are lucky, a traditional Karpathean marriage.
We will help you organise your trips and activities all around the island so as you can really acquaint the endless beauties of Karpathos. Most pleasantly we will escort you in our boats even to the desert and hardly approachable shores, where our cars can’t take you,  like Saint Irene , Froisi , Laress and other shores.